Work on paper


Screen-prints titled ‘Heerlijkheden‘ for a graphic art project by Het Centrum Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving West-Brabant (CBKWB), made in 2009. I based my work on ‘coats of arms’ of local villages that got added to bigger places, so disappeared in a sense. I made this ‘coat of arm’ represents them all.

heerlijkheid (a Dutch word; pl. heerlijkheden; also called heerschap) was a landed estate that served as the lowest administrative and judicial unit in rural areas in the Dutch-speaking Low Countries before 1800. It originated as a unit of lordship under the feudal system during the Middle Ages. The English equivalents are manor, seigniory, and lordship. The heerlijkheid system was the Dutch version of manorialism that prevailed in the Low Countries and was the precursor to the modern municipality system in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. – from Wikipedia