Titel of work: ‘Ricebird / Rijstvogel’

Location: Backyard, Breda (NL)

Technique: Pattern made of cooked rice on grass

Year: 2007

When I was throwing out the leftover cooked rice for the birds, I stopped in my tracks and thought: I’m an artist, I should make something, not just throw it on the grass like this. I just graduated after spending 4 more months at the Art Academy to re-doing all my work to get a diploma. I exhibited my paintings a couple of times and was preparing to go on a little art-tour adventure. I wasn’t really thinking of starting a whole new way of working, but it just happened.

I went inside and boiled a bag of rice and cut a template out of a placemat. I remember making flower after flower on the grass, just repeating to create a pattern. When I was almost done, I spotted my neighbour looking out of their bedroom window. When our eyes met she made the “You are crazy” hand-gesture. I haven’t stopped making my so-called ricecarpet after that and I hope to make many more crazy, temporary Artworks!