Staal 100 – RCMC Research Associate

What started as a simple looking into things, ended up in an intens research of already 3 years. When I make the mistake to type in some search words in online archives at morning coffee, it can end up in a full day deep dive. This short video shows a little insight into my research process. I called this one ‘Staal 100’. About a year and a half ago I came across a note in a travel-journey describing a Batik that had been bought, actually an imitation based on the style of Von Franquemont, the Batik entrepreneur I am researching. The author send a piece of it to be put into a sample book, naming it ‘Staal 100’, sample 100. Ever since reading this note, when I come across any samples, in books, letters or anywhere else, I always check the number 100, hoping it is this one. Many similar other little hints, clues and writings go through my mind, trying to connect them to physical evidence. Evidence that can help me to re-tell the history of the (Indo-)European influence on Batik between 1840-1890.

The project I have been working on these last 3 years, ‘Re-telling the history of the (Indo-)European influence on Batik‘, is about sharing stories and making this history available for a wider audience and especially the Batikmakers of today.

My research position as a Research Associate at the Research Center of Material Culture in Leiden has been extended till end 2020. With the current situation, I have now not the possibility to access any archives or go to my researchspot at the Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. Luckily I already gather a lot of info, photos and sources these last few years, so I will be working on processing that and working on how to share the re-telling online. I’ll keep you posted here and through my blog The journey to Batik.

  • posted 18 May 2020 on my Research Center of Material Culture Research Associate position being extended till 2020
  • In December 2020 my Research Position has been extended until June 2021