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Forest exhibition with Emmy Dijkstra

Titel of work: ‘Forest exhibition’

In collaboration with Emmy Dijkstra

Location: Enschede and Etten-Leur (NL)

Technique: Stencil on (wall)paper

Year: 2012


In 2011 me and Emmy Dijkstra started working together. The collaboration began as an online residency. On a blog we shared our inspiration and worked with a shared theme for each new work. In one year we made four paper installations and a lot of small sketches together and apart from each other.  We were looking for a space to show our works, when reading  ‘The Summer book’ by Tove Jansson gave us the perfect location: the forest.

We showed our works first in Enschede and later that year in the forest ‘De Koekoek’ in Etten-Leur. The exhibition was shown one day and was build up and down on that same day. For the opening we read out a chapter from ‘The Summer book’ in which a little girl is exploring the island she is staying on that Summer and finds an exhibition, hidden in the forest.

To read more about the forest exhibitions and our ongoing collaboration visit

Pictures by me and Rense Nieuwenhuis


Organic floor carpets Projects

Hill of beans

Hillofbeans_bean_carpet_Kapeltuin_001Titel of work: ‘Hill of beans’

Location: De Kapeltuin, Breda (NL)

Year: 2015


In 2014 I got a suprize email inviting me for a kind of residency at De Kapeltuin, a community garden, in Breda (NL).
They saw a ricecarpet by me in the very beginning of my still short career. Contemplating how to proceed with my ricecarpets, my temporary ephemeral organic carpets, after my projects in England, it come at the perfect moment. I didn’t just wanted to make a work on location, I wanted it to grow on location. I made a plan and happily it was excepted.
The carpets that I normally make are made with materials I just buy at Toko, supermarkets and organic stores. In Cambridge and London I experimented with waste from pubs and given materials from homes. Resulting in different, interesting works on maybe even more interesting locations.

How can I make my work more sustainable, is the question I’m asking myself. So I’m making my own materials. I’m planted the seeds and with the harvest I’m making my temporary carpet.
So sowing the seeds, reaping them and taking care of the plants till harvest. A seed to seed project.
To stretch this cycle even further, the seeds I use for the temporary carpets, are selected on the quality of the seeds. So people can take the seeds with them during the Harvest festival and plant them again.
They not only take a seed with them, but also a little bit of history about De Kapeltuin. Every seed together tells the whole story. So in this way, people get invited to share.
It’s more than a harvest to eat. It’s a heirloom, captured in one seed.



Hill of beans is an ongoing project;

I presented the project;

in 2016 at Reclaim the Seeds in Wageningen

in 2017 at Open Source Event in Tilburg

& every year I try to find new locations for it to grow;

Hill of beans-beans grew;

in 2016 in Uden and Breda (NL)

in 2017 at Cityplot in Amsterdam, Uden, Breda (NL) and during the exhibition Rita McBride: Explorer at WIELS (B) in the project Lonely fingers

in 2018 in Utrecht, Uden and Breda (NL)

To keep ‘Hill of Beans’ growing and continuing, I collect the harvest beans after every season, creating my own little ‘Hill of beans’-seedbank in the process.


Installations Projects Work on paper

Little Nana’s Cape

Titel of work: ‘Little Nana’s Cape

Location: De Grote Kerk in Breda (NL)

Technique: Wallpaper installation

Year: 2013


In the Summer of 2013 I made a 30 meter Wallpaper installation for an exhibition in De Grote Kerk in Breda (NL). I made with stencils a pattern of different butterflies connected with folktales about death. Some butterflies are seen as the returning souls of lost ones (the Monarchs during Día de Muertos), others as bringers of bad news (the Atlas Moth on Java and the Death’s head hawkmoth in the Netherlands). All butterflies represent in one way or another rebirth, because of their magical transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, but especially butterflies that migrate are connected with these stories and believes.
The title ‘Little Nana’s Cape’ is inspired by a mythical story from the Aztec about their god Nanahuatzin.

On my blog De reis naar Batik more about my inspiration for this work in the post ‘Lepidopterist simply observe lepidopterans

Journey to Batik Projects Work on paper

Difficult Time

The work ‘Difficult Time’ was shown in the exhibition ‘The journey to Batik – Day & Night’ from 16 December 2018 until 20 January 2019 at De Nieuwe Veste in Breda (NL).

Read more about this work also on my blog De reis naar Batik in the post ‘Difficult Time

Installations Projects

Tree circle ‘Acer Ginnala’

In 2014, already 7 years ago, I was invited to participate in a project called ‘Art & Trees’. With a little budget artists were asked to choose a tree in a specific region and make an artwork for it. I choose a freshly planted Acer Ginnala on the St. Jansplein in Moergestel (NL).

I had the idea to do something with the tree circle; when trees loose their leaves they create a circle, like a little carpet around their own trunk. I thought it would be nice to re-create this and that also the tree itself would over time and during the day add onto my work with its shadow and falling seeds & leaves. The ‘carpet’ I created from wood with layers and layers of different wood paints. If you walked around the circle, you would see how the Acer Ginnala, Maple tree, would transform through the seasons.

The organisation that invited me was new and unexperienced. They didn’t make a clear agreement about their tree-project with the local government, so I got an angry phone-call I had to remove the work or They Would! They, the local government, thought my artwork was some elaborate street-art and I had to remove it. It was only there a few weeks instead of the 6 months the organisation had planned…

The work never returned to its spot and stayed in my studio. When we moved to Utrecht in 2015, I donated my artwork to the local Intratuin. We did wonderful projects in Breda that were supported by the Intratuin, like the Front-lawn competition, and the owner was a big fan of Acers. He had a whole section specifically for these trees. So I gave him the work and he hang it there with a piece of Acer wood in the centre. I haven’t been there for a while, might be still there. Either way, it was great creating this work, and after 7 years, why not add it here to my website.

Work on paper

View on the Linie

Work ‘View on the Linie’, acrylic on kraftliner paper, part of exhibition in the neighbourhood De Linie, Breda in 2013

Work on paper


Work ‘Dreams/Dromen’, acrylic on kraftliner paper. Inspired by the view from my sidejob, made in 2012

Work on paper

For the Swedish Forest

Magazine cover for the last edition of CFK in 2010. The organisation joked it was ‘for the Swedish forest’ they quite printing the magazine and switched to a digital one. This joke inspired my design.

Work on paper

In Holland staat een huis

Screenprint series ‘In Holland staat een huis‘ from 2009, title based on a children-song, design based on the ceramic ‘Boerenbont‘ and Batik

Work on paper


Screen-prints titled ‘Heerlijkheden‘ for a graphic art project by Het Centrum Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving West-Brabant (CBKWB), made in 2009. I based my work on ‘coats of arms’ of local villages that got added to bigger places, so disappeared in a sense. I made this ‘coat of arm’ represents them all.

heerlijkheid (a Dutch word; pl. heerlijkheden; also called heerschap) was a landed estate that served as the lowest administrative and judicial unit in rural areas in the Dutch-speaking Low Countries before 1800. It originated as a unit of lordship under the feudal system during the Middle Ages. The English equivalents are manor, seigniory, and lordship. The heerlijkheid system was the Dutch version of manorialism that prevailed in the Low Countries and was the precursor to the modern municipality system in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. – from Wikipedia

Work on paper

Fifteen Minutes Of Freedom

Work ‘Fifteen Minutes Of Freedom’, aquarel & tracing paper on paper, made in 2006