Little Nana’s Cape

Titel of work: ‘Little Nana’s Cape

Location: De Grote Kerk in Breda (NL)

Technique: Wallpaper installation

Year: 2013


In the Summer of 2013 I made a 30 meter Wallpaper installation for an exhibition in De Grote Kerk in Breda (NL). I made with stencils a pattern of different butterflies connected with folktales about death. Some butterflies are seen as the returning souls of lost ones (the Monarchs during Día de Muertos), others as bringers of bad news (the Atlas Moth on Java and the Death’s head hawkmoth in the Netherlands). All butterflies represent in one way or another rebirth, because of their magical transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, but especially butterflies that migrate are connected with these stories and believes.
The title ‘Little Nana’s Cape’ is inspired by a mythical story from the Aztec about their god Nanahuatzin.

On my blog De reis naar Batik more about my inspiration for this work in the post ‘Lepidopterist simply observe lepidopterans