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Hidden between the leaves

Animation ‘Hidden between the leaves’
Duration: 1 minute
Made by Sabine Bolk
Music by Koen de Wit

During these strange times, I try to be positive and creating new things helps with that. My dear friend Emmy Dijkstra send me a short animation she made. Inspired by this, I made this one minute animation myself.

Looking for ways to explain motifs used in Batik this seemed a nice format. ‘Hidden between the leaves’ is based on motifs found in Batik on the North-coast of Java. In the animation I use Batiks made by Nurul Maslahah, a young Batikmaker from Batang, and one by KUB Srikandi, run by Ibu Ramini in desa Jeruk near Lasem.

The title comes from my Batikmentor Pak William Kwan. He pointed out this hidden world on Batiks that I hadn’t noticed before that moment, so thank you!

For the music, you hear Koen de Wit on clarinet accompanied by a shruti box, thanks!