Design for Javanese women event

Legien Warsosemito-Schenk & Stijn Schenk reached out to me asking if I wanted to design, or create, a batik inspired motif for their event. The event held on 17 June 2023 is part of a series organized by them, Jessica Warsosemito & Monique Koosman ~ in which Javanese(-Surinamese) women from different generations come together and reflect on the impact of colonial history.
For 17 June the focus was on sexuality and the view on sexuality and I was asked to translate this theme ~ which consist of many different elements ~ into a pattern.

Through talking with Legien, about symbols, colours & what it means for her and the room she wants to create for Javanese women, I soon got an idea on how the repeating of the pattern had to look like.
It had to be a circle, a close space, to represent a safe space, but at the same time it had to move outward, in a ritme that goes with the flow, to grow & learn in your own pace.
In the center ~ on request ~ the Mamuli. The Mamuli originates from the Indonesian island Sumba, it has a shape which represents the female genitalia, symbolizing the woman as the giver of life.
Around it I placed different animals who have a symbolic connection with sexuality, but also with movement & growth. In a short talk during the event I explained a little more on this.
It was really nice to get this invite, feel honoured. I had to make in a bit of a rush, but I am very happy with the result & all the nice responses I got on it during the event.

On 18 november 2023 there will be another event at Bibliotheek Zuidplein in Rotterdam~ open to everyone ~ reflecting on the gatherings and presenting the (art)works that were made to complement the events.