Business card for Maureen Tan

Business card art by me
Business card design by Martijn Bekker I Karakter design
Batik by Miss Nurul Maslahah

After sharing the business card I got to design for historian Suze Zijlstra, Indonesian food chef & cookbook author Maureen Tan contacted me she would like me to make hers also.
Maureen shared with me what elements she would like in the design, the colours and meaning behind it for her. I know what kind of Batiks she likes and had an image in my mind right away.
After sending a sketch, which honestly didn’t do my idea justice, I got a green light from her.
It was great to make again custom business card art.

The base of the design is a Pagi-Sore, day and night, which representing duality, the light and the dark, like two sides of a story.
One side is more food related, the green side, with a cobek and ulekan {mortar & pestle}. The isen-isen, filling motifs, are also food related; beras wutah {scattered rice}, aseman {tamarinde leaves} & lombakan.
The other side, the blue side, is the family side, with references to Maureen Tan’s parents who inspired her, guided her and keep guiding her on her journey.
Next to the business card, a bookmark was made to accompany Maureen Tan’s new cookbook ‘JAVA’.

After I designed it, Maureen asked if we could turn it in an actual Batik too.
Miss Nurul of Batik Tulis Batang was happy to except this challenge and created this amazing slendang in full Batik Tulis from my design.
What a stunning work, it is perfect and colours are so good.
How wonderful we could make these custom Artworks for Maureen Tan within a few months.