Batik Research Exercise

This Batik Research Exercise, International Provenance Research Day Edition, is based on the Batik Research Workshop created for and given during the exhibition ‘Masa depan Batik | Future of Batik’ at Erasmus Huis in Jakarta, Indonesia by Sabine Bolk. With this exercise you can learn more about how to research batik kept in Dutch museum collections, to use the database of the Wereldmuseum (World Museum) and discover new or different insights on batik history. You can download or read the exercise below (click to enlarge in a new page). This version is an adaptation of the workshop, to book the workshop on- or offline, please contact Sabine Bolk at

International Provenance Research Day is held every year on the second Wednesday in April. This year it is on 10 April 2024. The word “provenance” derives from the French provenir de, which means to come from or to originate. Provenance research refers to the ownership history of an artwork or object. The central aim of International Provenance Research Day is to present and communicate provenance research as an academic discipline with high social and political relevance and responsibility.

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