November 2017 – In VVAK Magazine

Realised I hadn’t not share this wonderful news yet. Last year in October there was an event at the Rijksmuseum organised by VVAK (Vereniging van Vrienden der Aziatische Kunst). Collectors …

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Kraplap for Community Dressing

Last week the new episode of ‘Community Dressing’ was put online. ‘Community Dressing’ is a documentary series about the Dutch National Costumes. Thijs Adriaans looks at regional costumes to define the …

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New articles on Modemuze

Since April I have been writing for Modemuze, an online platform for fashion & textiles from Dutch museum collections. I wrote 5 articles so far, two articles continue on subjects …

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Dance in a ricecarpet

Titel of work: ‘Dance in a ricecarpet’ Locations: Argument Vertoningsruimte in Tilburg (NL), Paulushofje in Etten-Leur (NL) and in backyard in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Year: 2009 – 2011 ‘Dance in a ricecarpet’ is a …

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14 September 2017- First screening of my film Tari Batik

The journey to Batik – Tari Batik Duration: 12 m 18 sec Film:  Sabine Bolk Dance: Dwi Anggraeni                                                         Drawing: Mak Sium Canting: Ibu Rasminah, Nurul Maslahah and Ibu Kustiyah Dyeing: Ibu …

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Titel of work: ‘Ricebird / Rijstvogel’ Location: Backyard, Breda (NL) Technique: Pattern made of cooked rice on grass Year: 2007 When I was throwing out the leftover cooked rice for the …

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Carpet for Tropical birds

Titel of work: ‘Temporary carpet for tropical birds’ Location: In the Aviary at Animal park Taman Indonesia, Kallenkote (NL) Technique: Temporary carpet of tropical bird seeds Year: 2012

Batik Buketan

  Titel of work: ‘Batik Buketan’ Location: Museum Batik in Pekalongan (Java, Indonesia) Technique: Temporary carpet made from Natural Dye and other organic materials Year: 2016        

The journey of Batik

Titel of work: ‘The journey of Batik’ Location: Electron, Breda (NL) Technique: Wallpaper installation Year: 2010   On 20 meter of  wallpaper I painted a pattern based on the bird-like plant motif …

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Dewa Rempah – Spice Goddess

Titel of work: ‘Dewa Rempah – Spice Goddess’ Location: During the opening of the tropical greenhouse at Animal park Taman Indonesia, Kallenkote (NL) Technique: Temporary carpet of Indonesian spices and rice …

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My second ‘journey to Batik’

From September till begin December 2016 I will be staying on Java for my project and second ‘journey to Batik’. On my blog De reis naar Batik,, I will post …

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After-schoolproject in Liniepark

Titel of project: ‘Daar lusten de honden geen brood van’ Location: Liniepark, Breda (NL) Year: 2014 I have been active as a Butterfly Monitor since April 2012. In the Summers walking …

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