Summer 2020- Article in magazine ‘Tribale Kunst’

The beginning of the ‘intelligent lockdown’, as the Dutch like to call it, started for me with writing the first of two articles for the magazine ‘Tribale Kunst’. I was asked by my supervisor of my research project to write on the upcoming exhibition at Wereldmuseum, and specifically on the Batiks that will be on display. Thank you, Francine Brinkgreve for asking me to write this and your guidance! The exhibition at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam (NL) will be the first in a long time with many beautiful and interesting Batiks on display. Some of the pieces were already included in my research project, so it is great to have this opportunity to put some of what I found (out) into words.

The article in Dutch is available for members of ‘Tribale Kunst’, you can see the magazine on their website or send me email at to request it as a PDF. Later this year I hope to publish the second part in which I will mostly write about the Batiks donated by Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel. In this first article I explain how Batik developed in the 19th century, in both the technique and in the appreciation for it, in Indonesia and in the Netherlands.