Spring 2021 – Third article in magazine ‘Tribale Kunst’

The third and final part of my article in three parts in the magazine ‘Tribale Kunst’. It was great to write in more depth on the development of Batik in the 19th century and to zoom in on some of the collections that make it possible to learn more about this time. It was wonderful to get to see the Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel collection up and close and to write about the Batiks now on display at the Wereldmuseum (NL).

The magazine is only available for members of ‘Tribale Kunst’, you can see the magazine on their website tribalekunstencultuur.org & download it as a PDF. You can also send me email at sabine@sabinebolk.nl to request it as a PDF. I am working on the English version, hopefully soon more news on that!