Re-watch aNERDspective special on Insta

Being on of the firsts guests of Tony of aNERDgallery‘s great Instagram interview series aNERDspective, I asked if he liked doing a look back on 2020 and a welcome 2021 with me.

We had some difficulties with IG live, of course haha, but you can now re-watch the full episode on IG tv of aNERDgallery:

aNERDspective: Happy Batik New Year!

If you missed it last week, here is our conversation with @sabinebolk recapping 2020 and planning our 2021. 

Here are some the highlights:
– Like 2020 that gets interrupted, so does recapping it! But, we added a little surprise intermezzo, courtesy of Sabine.
– A brief discussion on #blacklivesmatter, colonization, identity, appropriation/appreciation and hear Tony’s stand on “Singapore batik” and his @batik.infinity project.
– Too many things, so little time, our convoluted plans for 2021 around languages, curatorial/research projects, knowledge sharing and many more.
– Our favorite batik motifs, a question from @khaya.heritage

Watch/listen to the (almost) full interview and share with us what your 2020 highlights and what are your plans for 2021? 

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