New articles on Modemuze

Since April I have been writing for Modemuze, an online platform for fashion & textiles from Dutch museum collections.

I wrote 5 articles so far, two articles continue on subjects I wrote about on my blog before, one is on a new discovery I made and two I wrote specifically for Modemuze.


In Dutch Batik ‘Tiga Negeri’ & de Java Print ‘Good Living’

In English Good Life II








In Dutch Verzwolgen en verdwenen: de batik erfenis van Franquemont

In English What happened to Von Franquemont








In Dutch Eeuwenoude fashion in het depot van het Tropenmuseum









In Dutch Wortels en witte onderbroeken, duurzaamheid en diversiteit. Opening Fashion Week








In Dutch De Hoorn des overvloeds. Zoals we zaaien, zullen we oogsten (translation is coming up soon on my blog The journey to Batik)

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