Magazine BATIK! out now

Months in the making and finally here, the magazine BATIK!

After we, me, Romée Mulder & Myrthe Groot, hosted the Batik Stand in 2019, the Tong Tong Fair invited us to collaborate to make Batik the theme for the next TTF. Unfortunatly the TTF couldn’t take place in 2020, so we hosted an online Batik Stand instead. 
From beginning of this year till about July I was working, together with Florine Koning & Leslie Boon, on this magazine. Again the TTF couldn’t take place in September, but the idea was to publish the magazine either way. 
With a lot of things going on behind the scenes, the magazine is now finally here.

You find in the magazine next to several articles by my hand, much more great Batik content. Interviews with Guave, Batikmaker Miss Nurul & batikscholar Renske Heringa. A lovely illustrated tutorial how to wrap a Batik by Jeroen Krul , great to have made this together. A wonderful step by step Batik DIY by Shuen-Li Spirit. Two of our Online Batik Stand guests return, showing the Batik kept & passed on in their family, Rachel de Vries & Cindy Smits, and we find two more to share their precious heirloom, thank you! Spread throughout the magazine are Batik wannahave items by LARAS, DEWI, Istimewa, Francis Bakt & Maureen Tan, thanks for your contribution. 

Thanks Tony Sugiarta for the interview with Miss Nurul!

Also a thank you to NMvW, Wereldmuseum & UB Leiden voor providing us with historical & high quality photos of Batik for the magazine!

And thank you to Eliza Bordeaux for shooting new portraits of me . So happy with them!

Buy the magazine BATIK! now, order online at Stichting Tong Tong or ask for it at your local bookstore. The magazine is in Dutch.