IG Live with aNERDgallery

On Wednesday 29 April 2020 Tony of aNERDgallery, Singapore, invited me for an Instagram Live interview. It was so great to talk from afar about Batik, Colonial history, my sometimes weird Art and more. You can re-watch it on IG tv on the instagram page of aNERDgallery, enjoy!


aNERDspective Ep. 2: The Chicken Ate My Rice

aNERDspective is a light-hearted talk with artists, artisans and entrepreneurs to learn about their practices and how they profess their love to Indonesian textile arts Batik and Tenun.

In this second episode, we had a great time with visual artist and batik blogger Sabine Bolk discussing about her latest project digging up artefacts about Indo-European batik makers, what is exactly being taught in Dutch schools about colonising other countries, including Indonesia, and the chicken that ate the rice. 
Watch it, listen to it and let us know what surprised you about Batik from Sabine!