Fashion Conversation ‘The Future of Batik’ for JFW & Erasmushuis

Streamed first in a shorter version on & Youtube, now the Fashion Conversation hosted by Jakarta Fashion Week in collaboration with Erasmushuis is online in full!

Batik is a masterpiece, a national treasure, an identity. Sadly, it is suffering a slow death. It’s no easy task to keep it alive amid changing times and taste. Some, understandably, gave up halfway, daunted by the challenge. So how do we make this traditional art appealing to the younger generation? To produce and to wear. Can we truly succeed in merging traditional values with modern lifestyle?

In ‘The Future of Batik’ hosted by Tony Sugriata of aNERDgallery we discuss this topic with presentations given by me, Ibu Sita and Mas Direz. A discussion at the end in which we responded to the points of view of 4 pembatiks. Very thankful Ibu Widianti Widjaya, Ibu Ramini, Miss Dwi & Miss Nurul share their ideas on ‘The Future of Batik’ with me for this talk.

It was great to share on Batik in a more historical context within an platform focussed on new fashion. Happy I get to bring something else to the runway. Watch it back on Youtube! What are your thought on this topic? And how do you think we can take Batik with us to the future? Let us know in a comment under the video!

Thanks Jakarta Fashion Week & Erasmushuis Jakarta for invited me and hosting this great inspiring talk on ‘The Future of Batik’!