23 & 24 February 2019 – Wastra Weekend #2

On Saturday 23 & 24 February 2019 me and Marlisa will organise Wastra Weekend #2 at animal park Taman Indonesia. After the success of the first edition, we hope to reach even more batikfans, textile lovers and other people who enjoy Indonesian art, culture, food & wildlife with this second edition!

This edition exhibition will be all about ‘Animals in Indonesian textile’. On Saturday you can visit the exhibition and for kids (& grown-up) we have a scavenger hunt through the park. Next to that, we organise a Batik Workshop on Saturday 23 February 2019. Me & Shuen-Li Spirit will share with you the world of Batik and you will create your own Batik Artwork to take home! For more info and to book go to www.taman-Indonesia.nl 

On Sunday 24 February 2019 next to the ‘Animal in Indonesian textiles’ exhibition & scavenger hunt, we will show Indonesian traditional dance inspired by animals. In dances from  Java and Bali both th dance & the costumes are often inspired by animals like peacocks, butterflies and other insects. The dances will be performed & more will be shared on the costumes.

Peacock dance

There will be a {indoor} Pasar to get Batik, Ikat, sarongs, kebaya, gifts, bag and much more. Indonesian fashion designer Dian Oerip shows her new collection of woven & batik fabrics. Aryani Collection has the traditional sarong and kebaya. Butik Batik will bring products from Baobab Batik from Swaziland. These handmade, fairtrade products fro the South of Arfrica fit perfect with our aim for the Wastra Weekend.

You can bring your own Indonesian textiles at the ‘Wastra Consultation Table’ (Het Wastra Spreekuur), were experts will take a look and share their knowledge with you. We are happy to announce Sandra Niessen, specialist in Batak textile and expert in Indonesian textiles, will be one of the experts on Sunday.

Sandra Niessen will join the ‘Wastra Spreekuur’

In the Rumah Fashion, Fashion house, we share fashion inspired by Indonesia. The Batik Mural at the kids-expedition-room will be open to the public and I will give tours explaining the motifs I used. Of course you can take a Batik Statement at the Photobooth. On Sunday we have different brands as guest in the Rumah Fashion among which Guave, sharing their successful Voordekunst campaign and new collection, and LARAS, the label by Lara Peeters in which Dutch designers work with Indonesian Ikats & batiks to make bags & accessories.

Rumah Fashion with LARAS
Rumah Fashion with Guave

Check out our Facebook event for regular updates on the programme and what you can shop at the Pasar! 

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