17 Feb – 3 Sept 2023 – Reel in exhibition ‘Continue This Thread

Yesterday was the opening of ‘Continue This Thread’, an exhibition by Amsterdam Museum made by curator Roberto Luis Martins together with designers Karim Adduchi and Tess van Zalinge. The exhibition shows current designs with depot treasures, it highlights the act of mending and the passing on of crafts.
The reel I made after visiting the batikworkshop Kamis Batik in Terengganu, Malaysia is feautured in the Modemuze room of the exhibition ~ it is just one of the videos, but like we say in Brabant “wie het kleine niet eert is het grote niet weerd” {if you do not honor the small, you are not worthy of the great} And I am very proud to be featured in this lovely exhibition

Read more about the exhibition here www.amsterdammuseum.nl

To see a little overview by me, check this reel on Instagram

Go visit ‘Continue This Thread’ at Amstel 51 in Amsterdam, until 3 September 2023