Dance in a ricecarpet

Titel of work: ‘Dance in a ricecarpet’ Locations: Argument Vertoningsruimte in Tilburg (NL), Paulushofje in Etten-Leur (NL) and in backyard in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Year: 2009 – 2011 ‘Dance in a ricecarpet’ is a …

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Titel of work: ‘Ricebird / Rijstvogel’ Location: Backyard, Breda (NL) Technique: Pattern made of cooked rice on grass Year: 2007 When I was throwing out the leftover cooked rice for the …

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Carpet for Tropical birds

Titel of work: ‘Temporary carpet for tropical birds’ Location: In the Aviary at Animal park Taman Indonesia, Kallenkote (NL) Technique: Temporary carpet of tropical bird seeds Year: 2012

Batik Buketan

  Titel of work: ‘Batik Buketan’ Location: Museum Batik in Pekalongan (Java, Indonesia) Technique: Temporary carpet made from Natural Dye and other organic materials Year: 2016        

Dewa Rempah – Spice Goddess

Titel of work: ‘Dewa Rempah – Spice Goddess’ Location: During the opening of the tropical greenhouse at Animal park Taman Indonesia, Kallenkote (NL) Technique: Temporary carpet of Indonesian spices and rice …

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Modern Mudlarking

  Titel of work: ‘Modern Mudlarking’ Location: ONCA in Brighton (UK) Technique: Temporary carpet from Aggregate Year: 2016   “A mudlark is someone who scavenges in river mud for items of value, …

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Tour des poulets

Titel of work: ‘Tour des poulets’ Location: Different locations in province Zeeland (NL) Technique: Ricecarpets for chickens, pictures – movie – soundtrack Year: 2008 My ‘Tour des poulets’ project started as a pitch …

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Patience of Job

Titel of work: ‘Engelengeduld / Patience of Job’ Location: ‘Kunst op het hof’  at a farm in Ginhoven (B) Technique: Pattern made of rice, lentils, maize and beans Year: 2008  

Alles Stroomt

Titel of work: ‘Alles Stroomt’ Location: Festival Into The Great Wide Open (ITGWO) on Vlieland (NL) Technique: Pattern made of cooked rice with a stencil Year: 2014   In the …

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Hill of beans

Titel of work: ‘Hill of beans’ Location: De Kapeltuin, Breda (NL) Year: 2015   In 2014 I got a suprize email inviting me for a kind of residency at De Kapeltuin, …

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