30 June 2022 – Talk ‘Things That Talk: Fabric(s) of Leiden’

During the workshop ‘A Tapestry of Rules: Institutions and cloth industries in global comparative perspective, 1750-2000’ organised by by the research team engaged in the European Research Council funded project ‘Race to the Bottom? Family labour, household livelihood and consumption in the relocation of textile production between ca. 1780 and 1990’, I will give a talk about Talk ‘Things That Talk: Fabric(s) of Leiden’.

In my current researchproject for the online platform Things That Talk I am diving into the history of the Leidsche Katoenmaatschappij (LKM) together with a team of students {of the University Leiden}. On the Zone ‘Fabric(s) of Leiden’ within the website we will make stories about this cotton-printing company with objects and documents kept in different Dutch collections.
The city Leiden has in many different ways a connection with textile; the textiles produced within the city and the textiles brought to Leiden for the museums-collections.  An important company in all of this was the LKM. LKM is known by experts, but forgotten by many. The factory of LKM was located in the center of the city and produced printed cotton for export to Asia and Africa. So a local company with a global history. The company started in Belgium in 1756. In 1835 it moved to Leiden where it was bought by Van Wensen and Driessen. The LKM produced until 1932 and stopped officially in 1936. The name is slowly forgotten. Over time interesting objects that can tell us about this company’s history got spread out over different collections in the Netherlands. These objects can tell us more on the company; who run it, who worked there, the global connection and the development of cotton-printing. With Things That Talk we will tell these stories, using a samplebook or fragment, a complete cloth or written label, so people can learn more about the ‘Fabric of Leiden.

The workshop ‘A Tapestry of Rules: Institutions and cloth industries in global comparative perspective, 1750-2000’ will be held in a hybrid format: the live sessions will be held at Utrecht and virtual sessions on MS teams. We also welcome external participants who are interested in the workshop. You can do so by joining us virtually via MS TEAMS. For those interested, please send a request to Bianca Visser, at

Thursday 30 June 2022 – 09:00

End date and time Friday 1 July 2022 – 17:00

For more information on the program click here


27 May 2022 – Talk ‘A Batik collection fit for a Lady’ at the New Research Conference 2022

During The Association of Dress Historians Annual New Research Conference 2022 I will share part of my recent research project: Retelling the History of the (Indo-)European influence on Batik. My current research is focussed on the wearer, especially on ladies that were of European descent, who dressed in Batik sarongs themselves, during colonial times in Indonesia. Extensive collections have been kept in the Netherlands, privately and in museum-collections. These kept batik-collections can give us new interesting insides and different angles on how to share this history.
For this presentation I focus on 41 batiks that were donated by Jonkvrouwe Anna Cecile Aurélie Jeanne Clifford, Jonkvrouwe as in damsel. Hence the title “A Batik collection fit for a Lady”. The donation is an unusual wardrobe for a lady that apparently had never been to Indonesia herself. The batiks most likely belonged to her mother, Theodora Adriana Lammers van Toorenburg, who was born in 1852 in the former Dutch East Indies. This collection provides us with interesting insights into what was worn by whom and how the wearer can provide us with provenance that is often overlooked in batik-research.

The Association of Dress Historians Annual New Research Conference 2022 with the focus on New Research in Dress History will be held offline at National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and online (for ADH members only, see info on membership here).

For more info check
For tickets and more on the program see

Journey to Batik News

14 May 2022 – Unraveling Dutch Batik: Batik workshop with Sabine Bolk

This workshop is a collaborative project of PPI Rotterdam and INYS, to promote intercultural heritage between Indonesia and the Netherlands. Batik is valued as a great medium and an introduction for those who are still curious about this particular textile tradition. Join us in learning and creating batik during the sunny day of May!

Event Timing: Saturday, 14th May 2022. 10.00 – 16.30 CEST
Spoke person: Sabine Bolk – Batik Researcher
Event Address: Embassy of the Republic Indonesia. Tobias Asserlaan 8, 2517 KC Den Haag

Registration is open until May 10th, 2022.
We are open to the public from all nationalities, with only 20 capacities!
The event will be held in English. However, Sabine will gladly help you in Dutch as well!
Registration fee: € 12.00/person (including material and snacks)

Please fill out the following form and pay the registration fee to confirm your participation at the batik workshop. By registering you confirm that you will be able to participate and be present at the venue throughout the course of the event. Register here:

Films Journey to Batik Projects Work on paper

Business card & Batik Consultation Suze Zijlstra

Two years ago, in 2020, historian and author Suze Zijlstra asked me if I knew someone to design her business card. She wanted something maybe with batik and referring to her research & upcoming book ‘De Voormoeders’. I sayed I would love to do it . When we had our first lockdown I started designing her card. A year later her card was printed and in September 2021 her book was published.
Since up till now Suze did not had many opportunities to hand out the card, I thought it would be nice to share the card, the inspiration & her book in a Batik Consultation video.

We talk in depth about one of Suze’s ancestors, Tan Kim Njo, and the batiks that she wore. And how those batiks inspired the business card I designed for Suze.

Now online on Youtube with Dutch & English subtitles:

Batik Consultation with Suze Zijlstra, historian and author of the book ‘De Voormoeders’ that was published last year. We talk in depth about one of Suze’s ancestors, Tan Kim Njo, and the batiks that she wore. And how those batiks inspired the business card I designed for Suze.

Books in the video:

‘De Voormoeders – Een verborgen Nederlands-Indische familiegeschiedenis’ by Suze Zijlstra (2021)
‘Batik Klasik – Classical batik’ by Drs. Hamzuri (1981)
‘Gedragen doeken – verhalen in batik’ by Liesje de Leeuw (2016)
‘Batik – Traditional textiles of Indonesia from the Rudolf Smend & Donald Harper Collections’ (2015)

Photo credits for photos/images used in the video:

Photos made available by Suze Zijlstra
Photos from the UB Leiden/KITLV collection:KITLV 4525 & KITLV 54280
Photo from Tropenmuseum TM-60033564
Photos of Batik, also styled with kebaya, special thank you to John Ang


3 May 2022 – Talk at Weltmuseum in Vienna

Re-telling the History of (Indo-)European Influence on Batik

Tuesday 3 May 2022 19pm – 20.30pm

Vortrag in englischer Sprache 
von Sabine Bolk 

Sabine Bolk focuses on batiks made between 1840-1890 that are either attributed to an Indo-European Batik entrepreneur or are as seen as having an Indo-European style or influence. As starting point for re-telling the story she uses batiks attributed to Carolina Josephina van Franquemont (1815-1867). What was the actual Dutch, European and Indo-European influence on Javanese batik and what other factors played a role in this development? 

Sabine Bolk (1984), has been an artist since 2007. She studied at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda (NL) and lives now in Utrecht (NL). She is a passionate researcher on Batik and held several group and solo exhibitions. 


Teilnahme: frei (zzgl. gültigem Museumsticket für Nicht-Mitglieder) 
Treffpunkt: Weltmuseum Wien Forum

Bitte beachten Sie für diese Veranstaltung die aktuellen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen.

Journey to Batik News

Webinar CIHC ‘Chinese Attire and Batik in Indonesia’ now online

Including a presentation by me on:

‘An overview of Peranakan batik in Dutch museums’
Artist and batik researcher Sabine Bolk (1984) will guide us through the batik collections in
the Netherlands, and talk about the batik produced today by the Peranakan Chinese
community in Java. She will show us where and how to find batiks made by Peranakan
Chinese batik entrepreneurs in the past, and takes us on her ‘journey to batik’ to meet some
of the current producers in Java.

Watch it back here:

Journey to Batik News

17 December 2021 until 12 June 2022 – Exhibition ‘Misleiden’ at De Lakenhal

Real or fake? That’s the question in Misleiden – Fakes from art and science. Stroll offline and online past more than twenty objects from nine Leiden collections that put you on the wrong track. On display from 17 December at Museum De Lakenhal and via digital platform Things That Talk. Do you dare to believe your eyes?

Whether an art object is real or fake is not always easy to say. Sometimes the desire for an object to be real takes over: then a researcher or enthusiast may have struck gold. We want something to be real, even if we can hardly believe our eyes.


What are counterfeiters’ motivations for doing what they do? And if an object is indistinguishable from the real thing, isn’t it a work of art in itself? These questions are central to the exhibition Misleiden, with which Leiden institutions offer a look behind the scenes of researchers and curators. The exhibition includes, for example, a stingray disguised as a dragon, a forged relief tile and a very cleverly copied eye.


The exhibition is a special collaboration of nine Leiden institutions: the objects come from the collections of Museum De Lakenhal, het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Naturalis, Museum van Volkenkunde and Japan Museum SieboldHuis. There are also contributions from Leiden University Library, het Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten (NINO) en Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken. The collaborative project is an initiative of Alexander Mouret of the annual conference Brave New World and Fresco Sam-Sin of the digital platform Things That Talk, who is also a guest curator of the physical exhibition.

For the exhibition I was invited to be one of the storytellers. I share about the Leidsche Katoenmaatschappij and the imitations, the fake batiks, they made for the Southeast Asian market. On 17 December the exhibition starts at De Lakenhal with a display on this story & online you can read my story in full here

Echt of nep? Die vraag staat centraal bij Misleiden – Fakes uit kunst en wetenschap. Wandel offline én online langs ruim twintig objecten uit negen Leidse collecties die je op het verkeerde been zetten. Vanaf 17 december te zien bij Museum De Lakenhal en via het digitale platform Things That Talk. Durf jij je ogen te geloven?

Of een kunstobject echt is of nep, valt niet altijd even gemakkelijk te zeggen. Soms neemt de wens dat een voorwerp echt is de overhand: dan heeft een onderzoeker of liefhebber misschien wel goud in handen. We willen maar al te graag dat iets echt is, zelfs als we onze ogen bijna niet kunnen geloven.


Wat zijn de beweegredenen van vervalsers om te doen wat ze doen? En als een object niet van echt te onderscheiden is, is het dan niet een kunstwerk op zich? Die vragen staan centraal in de tentoonstelling Misleiden, waarmee Leidse instellingen een kijkje in de keuken van onderzoekers en conservatoren bieden. Zo zijn in de tentoonstelling bijvoorbeeld een als draak vermomde rog, een vervalste reliëftegel en een wel heel knap nagemaakt oog te bewonderen.


De tentoonstelling is een bijzondere samenwerking van negen Leidse instellingen: de objecten komen uit de collecties van onder andere Museum De Lakenhal, het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Museum Volkenkunde en Japanmuseum SieboldHuis. Ook zijn er bijdragen uit de Leidse Universiteitsbibliotheek, het Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten (NINO) en Erfgoed Leiden en Omstreken. Het samenwerkingsproject is een initiatief van Alexander Mouret van de jaarlijkse conferentie Brave New World en Fresco Sam-Sin van het digitale platform Things That Talk, tevens gastcurator van de fysieke tentoonstelling.

Boek ‘Misleiden – Schatten van verwarring’

Auteur: Fresco Sam-Sin & Alexander Mouret Fotografie: Cees de Jonge

Verschijnt op 1 April 2022 (echt waar!)

Pas op: de objecten in dit boek zijn vals en verwarrend. Negen Leidse collecties laten zien waarom misleiding de moeite waard is. Voor ons, omdat het knappe objecten met fascinerende verhalen heeft opgeleverd. Maar ook voor misleiders zelf, die er soms goed geld aan hebben verdiend.

Tussen de objecten vind je misleidingen als een eeuwenoud draakje, een Romeinse propagandistische badkamertegel en – jawel – een zeemeermin. Daarnaast bevat Misleiden essays van specialisten over beroemde en beruchte gevallen van fake en verwarring. Eén ding is zeker: na dit boek laat je je niet meer zo makkelijk voor de gek houden.


Fashion Conversation ‘The Future of Batik’ for JFW & Erasmushuis

Streamed first in a shorter version on & Youtube, now the Fashion Conversation hosted by Jakarta Fashion Week in collaboration with Erasmushuis is online in full!

Batik is a masterpiece, a national treasure, an identity. Sadly, it is suffering a slow death. It’s no easy task to keep it alive amid changing times and taste. Some, understandably, gave up halfway, daunted by the challenge. So how do we make this traditional art appealing to the younger generation? To produce and to wear. Can we truly succeed in merging traditional values with modern lifestyle?

In ‘The Future of Batik’ hosted by Tony Sugriata of aNERDgallery we discuss this topic with presentations given by me, Ibu Sita and Mas Direz. A discussion at the end in which we responded to the points of view of 4 pembatiks. Very thankful Ibu Widianti Widjaya, Ibu Ramini, Miss Dwi & Miss Nurul share their ideas on ‘The Future of Batik’ with me for this talk.

It was great to share on Batik in a more historical context within an platform focussed on new fashion. Happy I get to bring something else to the runway. Watch it back on Youtube! What are your thought on this topic? And how do you think we can take Batik with us to the future? Let us know in a comment under the video!

Thanks Jakarta Fashion Week & Erasmushuis Jakarta for invited me and hosting this great inspiring talk on ‘The Future of Batik’!


Magazine BATIK! out now

Months in the making and finally here, the magazine BATIK!

After we, me, Romée Mulder & Myrthe Groot, hosted the Batik Stand in 2019, the Tong Tong Fair invited us to collaborate to make Batik the theme for the next TTF. Unfortunatly the TTF couldn’t take place in 2020, so we hosted an online Batik Stand instead. 
From beginning of this year till about July I was working, together with Florine Koning & Leslie Boon, on this magazine. Again the TTF couldn’t take place in September, but the idea was to publish the magazine either way. 
With a lot of things going on behind the scenes, the magazine is now finally here.

You find in the magazine next to several articles by my hand, much more great Batik content. Interviews with Guave, Batikmaker Miss Nurul & batikscholar Renske Heringa. A lovely illustrated tutorial how to wrap a Batik by Jeroen Krul , great to have made this together. A wonderful step by step Batik DIY by Shuen-Li Spirit. Two of our Online Batik Stand guests return, showing the Batik kept & passed on in their family, Rachel de Vries & Cindy Smits, and we find two more to share their precious heirloom, thank you! Spread throughout the magazine are Batik wannahave items by LARAS, DEWI, Istimewa, Francis Bakt & Maureen Tan, thanks for your contribution. 

Thanks Tony Sugiarta for the interview with Miss Nurul!

Also a thank you to NMvW, Wereldmuseum & UB Leiden voor providing us with historical & high quality photos of Batik for the magazine!

And thank you to Eliza Bordeaux for shooting new portraits of me . So happy with them!

Buy the magazine BATIK! now, order online at Stichting Tong Tong or ask for it at your local bookstore. The magazine is in Dutch. 


14 November 2021 – Talk at Madua-middag Utrecht

Madjoe Dua Madua-Middag op zondag 14 november 14u – 18u bij het Zimihc Theater Stefanus, Braziliëdreef 2 in Utrecht. Naast een lezing over mijn ‘journey to batik’ bent u welkom om batiks uit eigen collectie mee te nemen naar het spreekuur.

Meer info op


25 October 2021 – Talk ‘De reis naar batik’ in Lunteren (NL)

On Monday 25 October 19.30pm I am invited to give a talk on my ‘journey to Batik’ at Stichting Ana Upu in Lunteren. More info in the Facebook event


9 October 2021 – Shishani & Sisterhood online at SIPA

More info on


29 September 2021 – Shishani & Sisterhood at Paard, Den Haag (NL) & online

Tong Tong meets Erasmus Huis Jakarta is a varied musical program organized by the Erasmus Huis in Jakarta, DutchCulture in Amsterdam and the Tong Tong Foundation in The Hague. The Tong Tong Fair Foundation has been serving the Dutch public for more than 60 years with a strong bond with Indonesia. The Erasmus Huis has been committed to a sustainable cultural relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia for more than 50 years. For the first time, both are joining forces with this program in PAARD. Various artists perform whose work is strongly influenced and inspired by Indonesian, Indonesian and Dutch culture.After a long period of online meetings, we are all longing for a physical event where we can meet.

Evening program:
17.30 Walk-in
18.30 Robin Block (singer-songwriter) with guest Annabel Laura
19.45 Storyteller by Boi Akih (worldjazz)
21.00 Shishani & Sisterhood (singer-songwriter and dance)

For more info & to buy tickets go to

Journey to Batik News

Article in Textile Asia Journal

My first international English publication of an article is out now! The Textiles Asia Journal was happy to add a shorter version of the three articles I wrote in Dutch on the Elie van Rijckevorsel collection at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam (NL).

With the great title, suggested by my research supervisor Francine Brinkgreve, Interpreting Batik from the Van Rijckevorsel Collection, the article can be read in the September issue of the Textiles Asia Journal.

You can order a copy through or send me an email to request the PDF


August 2021 – Workshops during Summerschool All You Can Art

All you can Art Summerschool Kick-off 2021, photo Marco De Swart

This upcoming month, August 2021, I am invited to give a few workshops during the Summerschool of All You Can Art at Kunsthal Rotterdam. The workshops are only for the students joining the Summerschool this time, yet so great to get an opportunity to give workshops again and especially giving some insights in the Art of Batik. Also very honoured that I was invited by two artist I greatly admire, Liesbeth Labeur & Pris Roos. I also collaborating with Pris Roos on two projects which I hope to share about more soon :)


Wax Print Film – Screening 7 August 2021 at Centraal Museum

New screening date in the Netherlands. The Wax Print Film is part of the exhibition & program ‘Voices of Fashion’ now on display at Centraal Museum in Utrecht (NL). There has been already a talk between director Aiwan Obinyan & curator Janice Deul, watch it back here. On 7 August 2021 the film will also be screened, on & offline.

Check the website of Centraal Museum for updates!

Surprised to learn from her Nigerian grandmother that ‘traditional’ African wax printed fabrics were a colonial invention made in the UK and Holland, British-born filmmaker and fashion designer, Aiwan Obinyan, sets out on a journey across the globe to trace the two-hundred year history of this iconic textile. From the intricate hand-crafted batiks of Indonesia to the cotton fields of North America and from European industrial mills to the bustling markets of West Africa, the story of how one fabric came to symbolise a continent, its people and their struggle for freedom.

In June 2018 Aiwan Obinyan visited me in The Netherlands after we talked online. She asked me questions on Batik and my view on the complex and interesting textile history of Wax Print. So I got featured in this amazing documentary, still so honoured and happy I can be part of her journey!

You can watch Wax Print: 1 Fabric, 4 Continents, 200 Years of History online on Aya Films the whole month of August 2020

For more visit the website or watch the trailer below

Journey to Batik News

Article in publication Studies in Textiel 11: Revival van textiel

De noodzaak van duurzaam produceren en hergebruik van grondstoffen wordt steeds duidelijker, ook in de wereld van textiel. Kopen en dragen van vintage en tweedehands kleding is geen teken van armoede meer, maar is een statement geworden. Onderzoek binnen museumcollecties laat zien dat duurzaamheid en hergebruik bij textiel van alle tijden is: de meeste stukken blijken eindeloos vermaakt en gerepareerd. Er is een groeiende belangstelling voor huishoudelijk textiel en technieken als damast weven en (goud)borduren. Textiele ambachten worden opnieuw gewaardeerd. Onder de noemer Revival van textiel wordt in dit nummer van Studies in Textiel aan deze ontwikkelingen aandacht geschonken. Meer over mijn bedrage ‘Batik, tien jaar immaterieel erfgoed van Indonesië’ hieronder.

Batik, tien jaar immaterieel erfgoed van Indonesië
Sabine Bolk

In 2009 ondernam Sabine Bolk haar eerste ‘Reis naar batik’. Als net afgestudeerd beeldend kunstenaar zocht ze naar een manier om diepere betekenis te geven aan haar gebruik van, en liefde voor, patronen. Batik leren maken leek de oplossing te zijn, dus vertrok ze in 2009 voor een maand naar Java. Batik was op 2 oktober net immaterieel UNESCO erfgoed geworden, maar hoe ging het eigenlijk met deze traditie? Wat ze aantrof was een industrie ver verwijderd van het romantische beeld dat er in Nederland van heerst. Terug in Nederland realiseerde Sabine zich dat ze niet zelf een pembatik wilde worden: het zijn de verhalen, de patroonleer en de historie van batik die haar fascineren. Ze ging verder met haar blog en volgde de ontwikkeling van batik als beschermd erfgoed. Nu, tien jaar later, staat batik als ambacht helaas nog steeds onder druk. Gelukkig geeft de nieuwe generatie hoop! Er zijn nieuwe batikmakers die de traditie van het maken voortzetten. En er zijn nieuwe dragers, onderzoekers, ontwerpers, kunstenaars en andere batikfans, overal ter wereld, die batik verzamelen, tot mode maken en promoten.

Leden ontvangen een exemplaar in de week van 21 juni 2021.
Niet-leden kunnen exemplaren via mail bestellen o.v.v. SiT 11 Revival van textiel. Meer info op

Prijs: € 20,00 exclusief verzendkosten


Article on me & Batik on Belindomag.

In Dutch & Bahasa Indonesia, you can change the language in the menu, enjoy!

Journey to Batik Projects

Storytelling concertfilm ‘Shishani & Sisterhood’

On Sunday 25 April 2021 19:00 Jakarta Time (UTC+7) Shishani, Erasmushuis Jakarta and Beyond Walls will launch the Storytelling concertfilm SHISHANI & SISTERHOOD followed by an Artist Talk hosted by Nancy Jouwe.

Watch it on our YouTube channel,, and/or Facebook Live (starting at 19h Jakarta Time/14h Dutch Time)

For SHISHANI & SISTERHOOD singer-songwriter and musicologist Shishani Vranckx dives into the various art forms in Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, the Moluccas and Papua and creates a personal interpretation of the works that inspires her with the help of her team of female artists.
Shishani brings together a diverse line-up of multi-disciplinary performers centralizing female artists. With: spoken word artist Tieka Masfar, tifa Tiga Batang Rumah, musician Wulan Dumatubun, dancer Asih Sungkono, batik expert Sabine Bolk and bass player Jaimie van Hek.
SHISHANI & SISTERHOOD is a storytelling concertfilm by Shishani Vranckx in collab with Erasmushuis Jakarta, Beyond Walls and

For the SIPA festival we performed ‘Shishani & Sisterhood’ through a livestream on 9 October 2021 from the Melkweg in Amsterdam (NL). Watch our performance back online!


20 April 2021 – Lunch talk RCMC

Mini ‘Brown Bag’ Research Session from 13h – 16h

In an effort to nurture research on the collection of the Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen (NMVW), which consists of nearly 450,000 objects and 750,000 photographic images, the Research Center for Material Culture (RCMC), the research institute of the Tropenmuseum, the Museum Volkenkunde, the Afrika Museum, and the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, welcomes fellows, junior fellows, research associates and university student interns. To learn more about each other’s inquiries and offer a means of doing research in a time in which social distancing and travel restrictions ask that we think our work differently, this mini-conference offers just one way for us to connect across spaces. 

15:20 – 15:50:

Panel IV: Fashioning the stories we tell

Moderator: Daan van Dartel

  • Ella Broek, Jane Stjeward-Schubert & Michelle Piergoelam, ‘The technique and the experience of Afro-Surinamese costume’
  • Sabine Bolk, ‘Project Re-telling the History of the (Indo-)European Influence on Batik’

Sabine Bolk | Project Re-telling the History of the (Indo-)European Influence on Batik

Batik WM-27272

My researchproject is focused on batiks made between 1840-1890 that are either attributed to an Indo-European Batikentrepreneur or are seen as having an Indo-European style or influence. I am trying to re-tell this history by determine what we can actually view as ‘European’ or ‘Indo-European’ influence.  To re-tell the history of the (Indo-)European influence on Batik, I use as a starting point the story and batiks attributed to Carolina Josephina von Franquemont (1815-1867). 

She is seen as the first entrepreneur that introduced a European style into Javanese batiks. Over the years many batiks got attributed to her with little or unclear provenance, mentioning the Batiks are made ‘in the style of Von Franquemont’ or using the term ‘Prankemon’. They were used in books which even resulted in new attributions from the 1990’s onwards. On the other hand I found donated pieces of which the owners claim it was made her, but some of these pieces have never been displayed or weren’t photographed yet.

At the moment I am mapping out what is actually the Dutch, European and Indo-European influence on Javanese batik. I am working out the provenance of all batiks attributed {at one point in time}  to Von Franquemont in the NMvW and Wereldmuseum collection. And hopefully I can share a little on the laboratoriumresearch we are hoping to do on the colours used in these Batiks.



Sabine Bolk (1984) is a Dutch artist who has been exploring Batik, the Indonesian resist-dye technique for textile, for the last 12 years. The inspiration doesn’t only come from the technique, but also from the language of the patterns and the philosophy of Batik. On her blog ’The journey to Batik’ she writes about her discoveries, journeys and research. In 2009 and 2016 Sabine went to Java, Indonesia, to document to process of Batik making. In October 2019 she went to Indonesia to launch her current researchproject. In her researchproject she works on Retelling the History of the (Indo-)European Influence on Batik. Sabine is currently a Research Associate at the Research Center for Material Culture in Leiden (NL) to research the batik collections in Dutch museums & archives. She writes for different platforms, organises events, gives talks, presentations and workshops. She not only gets inspiration from Batik, she also works on promoting, preserving and protecting Batik.