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So happy and honoured to be added to the Craft Council Craftmap
And also with the interview they did with me – check it out!

Re-watch aNERDspective special on Insta

Being on of the firsts guests of Tony of aNERDgallery‘s great Instagram interview series aNERDspective, I asked if he liked doing a look back on 2020 and a welcome 2021 with me.

We had some difficulties with IG live, of course haha, but you can now re-watch the full episode on IG tv of aNERDgallery:

aNERDspective: Happy Batik New Year!

If you missed it last week, here is our conversation with @sabinebolk recapping 2020 and planning our 2021. 

Here are some the highlights:
– Like 2020 that gets interrupted, so does recapping it! But, we added a little surprise intermezzo, courtesy of Sabine.
– A brief discussion on #blacklivesmatter, colonization, identity, appropriation/appreciation and hear Tony’s stand on “Singapore batik” and his @batik.infinity project.
– Too many things, so little time, our convoluted plans for 2021 around languages, curatorial/research projects, knowledge sharing and many more.
– Our favorite batik motifs, a question from @khaya.heritage

Watch/listen to the (almost) full interview and share with us what your 2020 highlights and what are your plans for 2021? 

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December 2020 – Second article in magazine ‘Tribale Kunst’

This second part, for part one read more here, is mostly about the Batiks donated by Dr. Elie van Rijckevorsel to the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam (NL). It was great to learn more about Van Rijckevorsel in connection to the pieces he collected during his travels. And also to highlight this collection since some pieces are on display for the first time again after a long time. The Wereldmuseum is currently close, but the Batiks are shown in the semi-permanent exhibition so they will be there luckily a bit longer.

The magazine is only available for members of ‘Tribale Kunst’, you can see the magazine on their website If you would like to read my article, send me email at to request it as a PDF. Soon the third and final part will be publish. And I am working on getting all of them published in English!